What is Agryd.com?

Agryd.com is a successful Indian social networking website launched in March 2013. Website has various features at a single stage which makes Agryd differ from the crowd. Intention behind the born of Agryd is to develop a social sharing platform where people can always remain in touch throughout the world whether they are near or far. Folks can maintain a beautiful profile with a simple signup process and built network with friends, family, business leaders, customers etc.

Key behind the success of this new Indian social networking website is its versatility. Agryd.com proposed some additional features for individual's and business growth like blogs, forums, polls, pages, image sharing, video sharing, events, quizzes, advertisement, free gift sending, music etc.

Agryd.com became most popular website for Indian, Chinese, USA people within few months of launch. Agryd has around 40 million users from several countries. Agryd is an only Indian social networking website which offers entertaining, business friendly and SEO friendly features embedded on a single stage.

Our website contribute a huge part in business growth because here you can catch potential customers, get product review at poll, rate your product, discuss web strategies at forum and post your blogs to generate effective revenue. Agryd is fully secured EV SSL certified website having Page Rank (PR) - 2 and able to gift a high PR quality backlink to increase search engine ranking of any website.

All the features of best Indian Social Networking Website are described below -

Social Sharing Platform - Agryd offers you amazing social sharing platform to share ideas and information between friends and folks.

Chatting and Messaging - Agryd provides instant message and chat service completely free where you can spend whole day with gossiping and chit-chat with your friends. You can also draw some sketches and smileys for your online friends and this feature differs Agryd from crowd.

Audio and Video Sharing : One another most entertaining and useful feature is audio and video sharing with friends and potential customers. You can communicate with your friends in your own voice in the form of audio and video.

Blogging : Blogging is one of the most thrilling features of our website with which it became popular worldwide and our 80% users use this feature for product branding. Agryd is very helpful website for webmasters because blogging is the best technique for search engine optimization according to google guideline and webmasters obtain high quality and high PR backlink by this feature.

Agryd is an opportunity for bloggers either they are professional bloggers, webmasters or other users. This site is useful for B2B and B2C marketing as the best blogging website where you can post and share blogs between potential customers.

Forum: If you have any issues, worries or inquiries relating to anything, you could discuss your queries on forums. Agryd have team of expertise who solve all the problems and issues frequently. Forums are the place to put up issues and get solution.

Forum feature is also useful for webmasters because Agryd commit instant signature link on forum discussion but Agryd strictly oppose spammers. Only real and reliable users are welcome to post and comment over here.

Events: The most innovative and exclusive feature of Agryd is events. Here you can create any event and can invite friends and folks. Traditional advertising cost of events is very high but at Agryd you can advertise event completely free.

Quiz: Quiz is the most excellent way of knowledge testing. Agryd generate special quiz for the users at free of cost and people can also create quiz and play with friends and folks. Quiz might be either technical or nontechnical.

Free Gift Sending: The exclusive feature of Agryd is free gift sending where people can send gift to friends. This feature is under construct now days but it will enable soon.

With these features top Indian social networking website has its mobile version www.m.agryd.com and friend finder mobile application at android and I-phone. You can download Android application from play store and I-phone app from app-store.