About Us:

What is Agryd.com?

Agryd.com is a fastest growing Indian social networking website having various features embedded on a single stage. It is a medium of socialization where individual can connected with friends, folks and all across the world.

What is the mission of Agryd?

Aim of team Agryd behind development of number one Indian social networking website is entertainment, socialization, business promotions and education where people can make available and reachable to others, either they are near or far. It offers a complete social sharing platform throughout the world where business tycoons are free to promote their business globally.

What is the vision of Agryd?

Vision of team Agryd is to develop an extraordinary featured social networking website for entertainment, brand promotion, education and learning where people can learn something, achieve something in entertaining way.

What are the features of Agryd?

Agryd gives you access to several exciting features like sharing, messaging, polling, blogging, conferencing, chatting, forum, music, videos, and lots more to discover. Now, you can send free gifts to your friends and folks on their birthday, anniversaries, or any other event with this exceptional feature of Agryd. Don’t get shocked!! You heard it right - Absolutely Free. To know more about it Register on website.

Growth of Agryd

Agryd is one of the most popular Indian Social Networking Websites with 80% of users from India and 20% users from china and 3% users from USA. Agryd has currently above 600000 registered users and Visitors: 58001450 till February 2014. Future Endeavour with the overwhelming response of public from all across the globe, Agryd has decided to launch its mobile application. The development of android mobile application is in production phase and shall be released very soon in market. There are also plans to start online gaming in website.

What makes us away from crowd?

We care. We collaborate. We do great work. And we do it with a smile, because we're pretty damn excited to do what we do. Page has been viewed 81 times..
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