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For the 2nd straight year, Costa Rica has lead the list issued by the New Economics Foundation which rates the worlds most satisfied places. A few of the incredible points that make Costa Rica so suitable are family principles, educational awareness, environmental awareness and a healthcare system in the highest ranking.

The survey, circulated annually, are a intercontinental study of life-span, ecological footprint and each country's populations life experience of well being. There is no doubt that Costa Rica has a notoriety in natural lover groups, and yet this nation definitely is not a one trick pony with the government all the way down to the residents, having an eco awareness. It is also a nation with a long history of democracy and a healthy social network donating to the enjoyment of its people.

Costa Rica has certainly been a holistic country - getting rid of its army in the late 40's and opting alternatively to funnel those funds into education and healthcare for its people. As the frontrunner in "green" travel, Costa Rica is rapidly rising as the go-to travel locale for people searching for a more eco aware experience - not forgetting that adventure factor with a bunch of adrenaline pumping tour adventures to get the heart racing. With all the rewards of life in Costa Rica would it be all that unexpected to know that the place is one of the more attractive retirement destinations.

During the late nineties Costa Rica would be given a great promotion when MSNBC would value the segment as one of the hottest on the globe. This would essentially initiate a wave of attention to the segment that would continue for a few years following that until the crisis would surface. Fortunately the global monetary crisis would touch the country minimally with not much time passing before Costa Rica would make a complete restoration.

You will find a few early signs that with an increase in building through out the Central Valley, that a mini-boom could very well be here with respect to the commercial sector of Costa Rica real estate. Reinforcing this concept of an upturn in commercial sectors are the development of the fifth stage of Multiplaza Escazu plus Avenida Escazu - two well-known commercial properties in the San Jose region. And in another instance of the active commercial segment - City Mall - a massive shopping mall complex much larger than Multiplaza Escazu, is supposed to be concluded by 2014.

This outstanding commercial development is costa rica luxury rentals now afoot in Alajuela and upon finalization it will have greater than 185,000 square metres of construction and 280 shopping spaces. Testament yet again to commercial interest growing, the City Mall development is actually sold-out with all spots taken. This has been attributed to the terrific marketing efforts of the creator to international labels from around the planet like Chili's, Tommy Hillfiger, the Gap, Carrion, Alis and Kenneth Cole to name just a few. Included in the design will be ten theaters providing 4D innovation.

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It is evident that the Central Valley is knee deep in a construction boom and the same applies for Guanacaste however in this area it is actually to meet demand for a rising medical tourism industry. With the beginning of the medical tourism sector in the area, we are witnessing an increasing number of ventures being erected to facilitate this emerging segment.

With such encouraging signs, the long-term of the Costa Rica real estate segment looks brilliant.
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