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Membership in the IELA or International Exhibition Logistics Association holds many benefits for those in the field of trade show supplies and exhibition logistics. This trade group has a worldwide membership that is dedicated to bringing professionalism and new found advances to the field. Through the efforts of their members and the career-based activities of this organization, those who arrange trade show logistics have a chance to better understand the methods of their peers.

To join up with other members of this trade show shipping organization, one must apply and meet the requirements of their strict admission policy. These requirements have been put in place to ensure that only the highest level of membership has been attained. Once someone has become a member, they now have access to leaders of the industry, in their own geographic region and in other parts of the world.

As those who work in the field of shipping logistics have a chance to meet with one another, they can actively engage in forums of discussion about issues that affect members of their profession. Those members that are locally based now have the chance to learn from members in global freight and shipping community. As well, the International Exhibition Logistics Association is able to function as �the voice� of those who work in the customs, freight and transportation industry.

One thing that new members enjoy most is the opportunities for communication that the trade show shipping website allow them. This website is an excellent way to become acquainted with events that are held for group members and other worldwide events that may hold interest as they pertain to the field in general.

One such event is the worldwide congress that is held in a different location annually. Group members find that this becomes the ideal method of working with others and discussing issues that affect everyone. It also gives newcomers a chance to develop friendships and work towards the advancement of the field.

One of the perks of group membership, is the ability to take part in the winter seminar to gain education and instruction. This is yet another event that allows for lively discussions and social meetings that encourage informative networking among members. In addition to meeting other members of this professional group, many of the events offers are also open to non-IELA members. For those who work in the field and have not yet decided if professional membership is what they desire, these events can give them a taste of what they can achieve.

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