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Owning a large amount of land in Houston, Texas that you want cleared can be a daunting task. Many people look into renting new homes in the woodlands for land clearing in Houston. Before finding a bull dozer service, it is important to research the different types of bull dozers and what their functions are so the renter is aware of their needs. Most land clearing companies will be helpful with the equipment selection, but going into the deal knowing a few things is always the best option.

There are different types of dozers that differ depending on use. The crawler bulldozer looks like a tractor and is a tracked vehicle that does not have any tires. It has a large abrasive plate on the front and is used for pushing dirt and heavy materials from one place to another. It is most suitable for irregular fields. Rippers can be installed on larger crawlers and those are located on the rear end. Rippers helped break up hard substances and can crush through many hard surfaces. Wheeled bulldozers are much larger than crawlers. The wheeled dozer has large heavy tires which enable high efficiency and performance. Wheeled dozers are more often found on large project sites. Wheeled dozers usually have fully articulated hydraulic steering which makes them easier to operate compared to crawlers.

When clearing land there is usually the problem of trees and bushes. That is where hydro-axe services houston can come in handy. hydro-axe mulching houston is a great way to clear up all unwanted trees and bushes on the property. A Hydro-axe mulcher, also called a forestry mulcher, is a powerful attachment that creates mulch out of trees and bushes. The hydro-axe can easily chop up debris for use as mulch in a matter of minutes. It can even handle trees up to six inches in diameter. The hydro-axe can also remove underbrush around trees without harming the trees at all. It�s a very handy tool to help clear the ground while still leaving the top soil undisturbed. The mulch can then be used to enrich soil, prevent soil erosion, and recycling the debris keeps the cost down by not requiring costly haul off.

When considering ground clearing the first step is to decide what exactly needs to be done to the area taking into consideration what the area will be used for. Finding a land clearing service providing the services needed will be helpful in making choices of what type of equipment to use for the clearing.

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