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It has been estimated that more than 10,000 heart attacks occur annually alone in the workplace. It shows how a majority of the working population is suffering from cardiovascular ailments silently. This s why the American Heart Association (AHA) directs to use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) in an office. It can be one of the best devices that can be kept in a commercial space to provide premedical support. Learning how to use an AED can be very helpful. Here is the list of benefits you can avail from AED Training San Ramon.

Benefits of AED training

1.                  Improving the odds of survival

A person suffering from a cardiac arrest does not have much time to recover depending on the severity of the situation. Cardiac arrest cannot be avoided but can be managed with the aid of an AED. Learning how to use an AED device can be very helpful in an office. It can be used to give more time to a patient to survive enough till a healthcare support team arrives.

2.                  Easy cases can be solved before they get messy

AEDs can be used to resolve simpler cases. In fact, AEDs pack a good punch and are capable of starting a heart that stopped beating. The skill lies in the implementation of AED. You need to be skilled enough to use an AED on a person properly. This is where the training comes in. a patient can get a new life when a skilled person uses an AED.

3.                  Risk minimized

The innovative AED designs used these days will not let you apply an electric shock when the heart is still beating. These smart machines are easier to use. A simple training program can help the employees of an office to learn how to use an AED to save a life. This can be a great skill that reduces the risk of cardiac arrests.

Learning how to buy time

An AED Training San Ramon will help you buy time for a patient suffering from a cardiac arrest. It will take time for an ambulance to reach the sport. By the time an emergency team reaches the spot, it might be too late. Learning how to use an AED can be very helpful in such cases. You will give the life support team a ray of hope to reach the destination and keep the patient alive. Feel the thrill to save a life by learning this essential skill

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