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Madden 22 has plenty of money plays that players can exploit. Ever since its initial release, players have noticed different areas to exploit in offenses. In this article, we bring the best offensive money plays in Madden 22 to make you unstoppable.

1. Z Spot – Gun Bunch Offset

This play provides a simple concept and reads for every form of coverage, making your offense a nightmare for every type of defense. If your opponent is in man coverage, throw the slant; if he’s in Cover 2, throw the corner; and if he’s in Cover 3 or above, throw the flat. This formation is also great against the pass rush, giving the QB a bit more time to make a perfect read. The combination of a slant, a corner, and a flat breaks down defense to either slowly advance down the field or take deep shots.

2. PA Shot Wheel – Gun Trips TE

With this configuration, the fastest wide receiver will drag all of the zones on the right, moving them so far upfield that the crosser ends up being wide open. This read beats Man, Cover 2, Cover 3, and Cover 4. If the user starts to guard the crossing route, you can always check down or release the delay fade and hit your TE for tremendous gain. With a few adjustments, you can alter the routes to make this an unstoppable play in Madden 22.

3. PA Read – Gun Ace Slot

This play centers on dragging the zones up the field to leave the TE crosser open. The deep post turns into a deep corner by motioning the outside receiver, and the DBs will sink while trying to protect it. This will open a wide space to hit the crosser. As always, it’s best to set up check-ups just in case that crosser is defended.

If you’re looking to add some money plays to your playbook or want to play as a team in Madden 22 with money plays, be sure to use those detailed above. These offensive money plays will swing the odds in your favor.

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