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The Preview Packs were introduced for FIFA 22 Coins Ultimate Team in June, which allows players to view the contents of each box prior to making a decision to purchase. The change was made following pressure from various groups, including governments, children's welfare groups, and gambling charities, as studies have shown that there are links between loot containers and gambling. But, knowing the contents of a loot bag will allow the player to decide whether or not they would like to commit to spend money. This could be a way to increase profits for EA.

"What we found with the Preview Packs was an increased number of new players coming into Ultimate Team, and we noticed a higher percentage of those new players in and about purchasing packs and engaging in the digital ecosystem," said Wilson."Our teams will continue to look for interesting ideas, novel, creative and creative ways that allow people to get more involved with the game, and preview Packs is one of the examples."

Although the Preview Packs had been launched as a time-limited initiative and it's now looking like EA may decide to make it into an ongoing feature, but it isn't yet confirmed of it being rolled out in time for FIFA 22.The Bureau of the FIFA Council has given approval to a modification to that of the male International Match Calendar in response to the worldwide disruption caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Following the postponement for the South American qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup 2022? scheduled to be played in March 2021 CONMEBOL demanded for the two matches to be revived by introducing triple matchdays in September 2021 and the month of October 2021 and adding three additional release days.

In light of the particular situation by the players, considering the particular circumstances faced, the Bureau of the Council decided solely and in the case of South America to facilitate the play of buy FUT 22 Coins an additional match within each window by adding two additional release days.

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