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This info-graphic titled ‘Common Myths About Spine Surgery’ provides us an overview of spine surgical operations. Back pain is becoming a common disorder due to a sedentary lifestyle, atrocious posture, and lack of physical acts. When it comes to ailments accompanying the spine, many people are skeptical about following up surgery and keep delaying it. With scientific advancements, the results of treating spine disorders have reinforced significantly over time. Here, we bust some of the common myths about spine surgeries to assure that you feel free to discuss any concerns of lower back pain or other spine-related difficulties with your physician.

There is a usual perception about spine surgeries being starring surgeries which is not always the case. With the progressions in brain and spine surgeries, several spine surgeries presently are minimally invasive and have a lesser recovery period. Due to small and fewer incisions, the risks related to unhealthiness or post-surgical complications are pressurized significantly. 

Any surgery will be followed by mild to average pain as a part of the betterment process. However, with the advancements in spine surgery methods, new methods have to lead to quicker recovery and a finer quality of life. For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

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