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The Tahitian black pearls are considered the most breathtaking pearls on the planet. They're extremely rare because only a little volume of black-lipped oysters endures to produce the organic gem as well as on surface of that, these oysters are mercilessly sourced to the point of extinction due to their lustrous nacre. This unfortunate combination makes the Tahitian black pearls extremely valuable.

Named After but Not Sourced From Tahiti

The Tahitian pearls are produced in the black-lipped oyster called Pinctada margaritifera quite enormous having a width measuring One foot and weighing at least Ten pounds hence, producing not only your average size dark pearls.

These black pearls, contrary to its name, are cultured in French Polynesia which counts Australia and New Zealand as its closest neighbors. These were called as such since they're primarily traded in Tahiti that is French Polynesia's biggest of its 130 islands.

The black pearl although also farmed in countries like Australia aren't regarded as Tahitian pearls.

Not Just Black and Round

Tahitian pearls are available in the famous exotic black color which are highly coveted but reflect other tints and shades from the color wheel too such as silver, dark gray, silvery white along with other colors among like blue, pistachio and peacock. The Tahitian pearl's peacock hue is haute couture's applauded favorite due to its bright blues, greens and purples.

All the pearls' colors are naturally painted by Nature and are not superficially treated whatsoever unlike other sorts of black pearls which had some help from their pearl farmers.

akoya pearls

These pearls have within their roster both genetically engineered round gems and baroque pearls which are equal to the beauty of the former despite their irregular shapes and natural contours.

A probable Group

The collection isn't wanting as the Tahitian jewelry is replete with a diverse style of pearl earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces occur brilliant metals of gold and platinum.

Not for the Pastel Hearted

Undeniably, the classic white pearls significantly help in incorporating them in a woman's wardrobe. It's truly a staple piece of jewelry that may liven up or down an outfit.

Due to its versatility, the classic white pearls may be used by women regardless how old they are, color, physical built and lifestyle. Indeed, they are worn by teens, young women and the matured ladies.

The Tahitian black or dark colored pearls are more flattering to women who have a certain age and disposition and who have comfortably achieved that stature. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the wearer's fashion sensibilities and personal preference. As the saying goes, "If you can put on it, flaunt it!"

And let us remember. These mysterious pearls are available in other colors like silvery white and green which would appropriately serve both the young and older set.
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