Privacy and Policy


AGRYD provides a platform that allows its users to interact socially and connect with anyone throughout the world. This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by AGRYD.

Personal identification information

AGRYD respects the privacy of its users and is guided by their preference on how their personalinformation provided on the web site is to be treated. In case the user wants their information to be private, Agryd will not share this with anyone. If the preference is that the information provided may be shared only with their friends or community, it will be accordingly shared. However, a preference of making that information provided by them (viz. their blogs) public, then it will be available for all registered users and visitors of AGRYD. However, AGRYD may collect its user´s personal information when they use its various services over the website or through various applications, email notifications, widgets, or any buttons as well. AGRYD has the right to use any or all this information for its services. 

Non-personal identification information

AGRYD may collect non-personal identification information about users whenever they use any AGRYD service. This information may include but not limited to login and system information, IP address, operating system used, type of system, pages visited, reference sites, location from where the site is accessed and many more information that is automatically recorded by AGRYD servers. This data is used to monitor, calibrate, customise and improve the services provided by AGRYD.

Web browser cookies

AGRYD also uses cookies function to collect additional data from the users about other website usage to know and better understand the way the users interact with the websites in order to make some improvements in the services. It is also monitors the aggregate amount of traffic coming over website and its capacity utilisation. Users can disable this through the browser settings, but by default all browsers automatically accept cookies.

How AGRYD uses the collected information

AGRYD uses the information in many ways. For example, information shared at the time of registration such as name, address, age, etc. may be used in profiling its customers. In case the user does not indicate any preference for how his/her personal information may be treated, then the information may also be viewed on your profile by anyone even without registration.

Users provide AGRYD with some additional information to be published including the location, biography, picture and other such information. Such contact information provided by users (including contact number and email address) maybe used to send mail or messages regarding services, which depending on the user´s preference, can be unsubscribed later. This information may be used in order to help users find each other easily. AGRYD may suggest to its users to contact each other based on information and the address provided by them.

Disclosing personal information

User information may be shared or disclosed with other website only when users authorize a third party application to access AGRYD account. Other than this user information is completely safe with AGRYD and it is not disclosed to anyone. Third party may use the data on behalf of users only if allowed to do so. AGRYD respects its user´s personal information.
AGRYD will never disclose its user´s identifiable information unless required by law. Some of the information is non private including post shared publically, public profile name, people added to friend list etc.
AGRYD may share and disclose this non private information without any permission.

How we protect your information

AGRYD uses SSL secured communication channel for Sensitive and private data exchange. It also protects against unauthorized access, disclosure of personal information, username, password, transaction information and data stored on the site.
All the information shared and posted including textual posts, videos, music, links and other things will be shared to entire world by default.
Whenever a user posts anything over this website, it will be accessible to all the AGRYD users. Default option of the website is to share all things in a public way so that everyone can access and see things shared by a user. These may be used by search engines as well at any time. A user can change the account setting to choose the way in which its information is visible to others.

user´s rights

AGRYD allows registered users with access to change and modify the information provided by them anytime by going to account settings. All personal information provided by users is allowed to be modified anytime. A user may also delete his/her account anytime. Users are not bound to be with AGRYD any longer than they wish to be. Their account will be deleted permanently according to the their instructions. After a particular account is deleted, information and account will no longer be visible on AGRYD.
AGRYD will never allow registration by anyone whose age is under 13 years, based on the date of birth entered at the time of registration. No part of AGRYD is structured to attract anyone under 13.

Updating information

AGRYD reserves all the rights to change and modify its policies anytime. At any given time, the latest policies will be considered legal. It is in the user´s interest to so visit these pages regularly to be remain updated.. By using its services and continuing to access the website, it is assumed that the users agree with AGRYD´s latest terms and policies.
If in future AGRYD is involved in any kind of bankruptcy or merged, acquired or reorganized with some other entity and the assets are sold, the complete information of its users will be provided during this transaction. All the promises in the privacy policy will be honoured by the new entity as well.