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Daily #TumorBoard Committee now available for complete cancer solutions. For Comprehensive Cancer Care Solutions… Meet Our best Oncology Team at Metro Hospital & Cancer Institute, Preet Vihar, Delhi http://bit.ly/2WK2FmK #MedicalOncology #RadiationOncology #SurgicalOncology #BestInfrastructure #StateofArtAntiCancerCare #DailyTumorBoard #OPD #PreetVihar #Haridwar #Jaipur #Noida #LajpatNagar #Gurugram #Meerut #Rewari #Delhi #NewDelhi

On #WorldAsthmaDay, #DrRahulSharma, Consultant - #Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine - Metro Group of Hospitals in a special interview on DD #IndiaScience. http://bit.ly/2JoqDgh http://www.indiascience.in/videodetails.php?id=5bbe16cadc17c&fbclid=IwAR14-lZzQykkaTyW6crbv2c3P5F6Lx-PuBKV2T4mPTesaIP9O-qkiiaf8bg

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common gynaecological disorder in India and the leading cause of fertility complications in women. Some of the common symptoms of PCOS include infrequent menstrual periods with irregular bleeding; hair loss from the scalp; excessive hair growth all over the body, a condition called hirsutism; acne and oily skin; depression or mood swings; weight gain; pelvic pain; sleep apnea and inability to conceive. The incidence of PCOS is higher in urban cities and is growing among adolescents and young girls. http://bit.ly/2Im7eNm

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Metro Hospital noida organises cancer awareness talk with #DrPiyushaKulshrestha Sr.consultant -Radiation Oncologist at mahagun moderne sector 78 noida https://bit.ly/2ySdBkD

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Meet our Obstetrics and Gynaecology experts #DrBelaRavikant & #DrAnjuSuryapani - #Metro Group of Hospitals, will be available for live talk "Know about #Menopause Symptoms & tips", You Can #AskYourQuestion, on Thursday, 28 February 2019, 12pm onwards during the program. https://bit.ly/2IDSUAK


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good article
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#RigidBronchoscopy is an excellent tool to gain access to lower airways which has regains its importance in Interventional Pulmonology world for Cryobiopsy, airway stent placements, Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) ballon dilation, Electrocautery, laser therapy and other. It is a highly skillful procedure performed at expertise centers. https://bit.ly/2qs4GSP

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#PeriodontalDisease - Tips by #DrGauravWalia, Senior Consultant – #Dentistry, Metro Group of Hospitals. https://bit.ly/2pQI8Lf


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Diabetes means the increase of blood sugar level, which now has become the global epidemic. In the year 2010 it has impacted 285 million adults which is about 6.4% of total global population and is likely to increase and affect more than 430 million which means about 7.7% of global population by the year 2030. Read our blog at the following link: https://bit.ly/2Ku2qCp

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