Sunny Samraat

Born on January 1, 2000
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Befikra Baghi

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Sunny  Samraat
Great Song
on February 4th, 2022 12:16 pm 1
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Milne hai mujhse aayi

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7 reasons to say what’s on your mind (Based on an article by Dr. Susan Newman, author of “the Book of NO”) The other day, I was thinking about my mother and regretting all the times I wasn’t as generous or as warm to her as I should have been. Of course, over the years there were several major incidents that now make me cringe, but what really seems to bother me most is actually relatively trivial. When I had young children, my mother had a habit of ringing at precisely the worst time of day….dinner time. Instead of telling her right from the start that this was my tear-my-hair-out moment and could she call back later, I took her calls. A pattern formed of her ringing at this set time of day and me giving terse, monosyllabic answers or snapping at her. Now, whenever I remember these conversations, I wish I could turn the clock back and pick up the phone that first or second time and say “Mum, Id love to talk, but can we arrange a time when I’m not so frantic?” How hard would that have been? But instead of speaking up, I resented her for calling and set a negative tone that coloured our relationship for a disproportionately long time.

How should you answer “What's on your mind?”?

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