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How Much Does a Private Yacht Charter Cost? http://www.yachtsbhc.com
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Our company deals with "all-inclusive" charter yachts as much as possible, and 95% of Caribbean vessels are all-inclusive. Bring your 3 swimsuits and zero spending money, and you will be fine.

Private Yacht Charter Rental Rates

A party of 6 guests can expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,500 per person per week all-inclusive for a quality captain/team and yacht.

A party of 8 can expect to pay between $2,500 and $4,500 per week per person and anywhere within this range. Groups of 8 guests are the biggest sector of our industry.

Try not to force the rate of your private yacht vacation lower than these rates featured. Why? You will simply be very disappointed. Selecting a crew team who do not do their jobs correctly will mean every cent, as well as airline costs, will be wasted on a bad experience.

Yes, costs for 10 guests can be found between $2,400 and $5,000 depending on age, fly-bridge, king and queen cabins.

Power boats between 90 and 400 feet worldwide have a base rate plus the A.P.A. (advanced provisioning allowance) and any government taxes.

The industry shows one rate, such as E66,000 Mediterranean rate, which means the following:

Euro 66,000 plus 35% estimated costs plus the tax.

Euro 66,000 + 23,100 + 6.5% tax (4,290) = Total trip cost is E93,390

* Spending:

Bring half cash and half credit cards to most locations; Greece yacht charters also have the 50/50 rule.

Your ULTIMATE Caribbean catamaran yacht vacation can cost between $2,100 and $3,300 per person per week "ALL-INCLUSIVE." And this most of us spend on our annual vacation anyway. Your ultimate luxury Mediterranean yacht charter can cost between $4,000 and $11,673 per person per week.


Power or motor yachts are powered by their inboard motors. Their fuel expenses are normally a big issue to deal with, plus guests get to their destination faster, but not much faster, as most power boats travel at speeds of 10-15 knots maximum.

Catamarans and monohulls travel at 4-10 knots maximum, but sailing vessels tack to reach their goals, so the sailing is quiet and takes longer. Modern catamarans and sailing boats use the gentle wind as power, so very little fuel is consumed.


All charter boats in the Mediterranean and all vessels between 90-500 feet in the rest of the world are priced as follows. The owners give us a base rate.

Euro 50,000 to rent their yacht.

Added to this is the A.P.A. (Advanced Provisioning Amount) estimated at 35% of the base rate.

This APA takes care of "ALL" expenses, and 90% of all clients do enjoy change from the APA amount.

Tax (VAT) is also paid in various amounts, depending where in the world you are going to charter.

50,000 + 17,500 + 3,250 = Euro 70,750 for a Greek luxury power yacht.

Today, the luxury modern catamaran can cost between $25,000 and $50,000 to charter for 10 guests all-inclusive for a one week charter.

Your ULTIMATE vacation can cost between $2,100 to $3,300 per person per week "ALL-INCLUSIVE." And this most of us can afford.

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