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Wonderful Caribbean Yacht Charter Weather: 800-478-2029 http://www.yachtsbhc.com

Weather is a 10 month Caribbean yacht charter season.

The difference in water temperature during winter and summer months is negligible.

Rain is never a problem in the islands, with most rain falling during winter and comes in squalls.

Christmas winds are the only Caribbean yacht rental setback that comes to mind. Christmas winds occur during December and January each year.

The gentle trade winds are 8-10 knots every day, but the Christmas winds blow 20-25 knots. The best thing to do for a few hours is to select a good anchorage and relax and snorkel there until the winds subside.

Hurricanes: We close bookings August 15 to October 15 each year, with September 12 being the biggest 1 day for hurricanes.

Many owners charter through hurricane season; trip insurance is mandatory. However, having a hurricane hit you is almost impossible.

Captains know 5 days ahead of time if a hurricane will be in the same place as you are during your charter period and fly you out 4-5 days prior to any hurricane getting near you. Work with your seasoned broker during or outside of hurricane season; you will be safe.

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