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Trip Insurance for Private Yacht Charter Vacations. http://www.yachtsbhc.com 800-478-2029

Trip insurance is just such a safe thing to do for all my clients. I work with one Insurance company, because in 23 years they had to pay 2 different parties and my clients were paid immediately. Depending on age and cost of your charter, rates vary between 150 per person and $300 per person.

Here is what 99% of all guests forget about trip insurance.

Let's say you pay 1 year in advance, well you are covered for this entire year as well as the week they are on board. I have found that children breaking an arm, or a wife having a car accident, or an elderly family member getting sick before your trip are items which are covered and all these points happen before your charter.

Without trip insurance you are very vulnerable to loosing your 50% deposit. TAKE OUT TRIP INSURANCE NO MATTER WHAT. Trip insurance is a waste of money, but when we need it is a wonderful coverage to have.

All our competitors say, OH if we rebook the same vessel for the same period we will refund you less 20%, but sometimes it is totally impossible to rebook that one week.

So it sounds fine but it is not. Take out trip insurance. Barrington-Hall can give you trip insurance as well.

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