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Avoid Sea Sickness on Private Yacht Charter Vacations http://www.yachtsbhc.com Call 800-478-2029

It is your broker's responsibility to ensure that seasickness never happens. Since 1990, I have had this question asked of me many times and never had one client say they were seasick during their vacation. It is my position not to subject my clients to any open ocean crossings. This is why island hopping is so much fun.

Your pick-up point sets the scene for your Caribbean yacht charter.

As a captain, I would have the guests fly into and out of Beef Island, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. As soon as the guests land at the airport, I assist them with their luggage and walk them to the dock to board their vessel.

Once on board, I cruise around to Marina Cay, which takes 3 minutes over calm protected water, and remain there for the first night. Water sports, snorkeling, a restaurant on the white beach and super protected anchorage means the next day guests come to me and say, "Andrew, you can take me anywhere in the world, this is perfect."

Subconsciously, that motion sickness has been broken. Guests realize that the water is very calm, and they can also see all the different islands around them.

But the captain has to be aware of this delicate balance he must keep during the entire trip.

Bring Dramamine, wrist bands and ear patches, but do not take the Dramamine, yet; you are possibly not going to need it. Wearing the wrist bands and ear patches is fine.

When guests can see all the islands around them all the time, it is a subconscious positive point. Subconsciously, this says "I can get off within 10 minutes".

Sailing or cruising for 1 hour means guests are on dry land or snorkeling until lunch time, then enjoying lunch. One more hour is needed to get to their next island "IF" they wish to travel another hour or less. These island hopping Caribbean or Bahamas yacht charters on board your own private yacht can be the very best adventure of your life.

If one person in your party feels they may have motion sickness, then just make sure your broker knows about this immediately. I will instruct the captain on what is to be done and make sure this delicate point is taken care of --THERE IS ZERO REASON TO BE SEASICK ON ANY BARRINGTON-HALL SAILING TRIPS OR CRUISES.


FYI: Your BVI sailing vacation or cruising destination is the world's number one protected cruising ground. Guests can do 2 or 3 Virgin Island charters before trying new sailing locations.

Second to the British Virgin Islands is The Grenadines.

St. Martin and surrounding islands have a few good months to be on charter there, but the wrong months will wreck your one week motor yacht cruising vacation.

The Mediterranean has a few months to do a private yacht charter, so keep within May, June, July, August and September when planning. My favorite crewed charter yacht location in the Mediterranean is Greece, then the French and Italian Rivieras, the playground of celebrities.

The Bahamas have 200 islands to explore and different directions to consider.

Always consult your yacht charter broker for answers, and make sure he or she has the background needed to correctly answer your questions.

As a guide, I suggest guests start with the BVI, and do 2 or 3 one week yacht charters in this location, then do the Grenadines; after the Grenadines, go to Greece.

After Greece, go to St. Martin during the correct months, and then do the French and Italian Rivieras. Never do the Mediterranean before doing the British Virgin Islands. These wonderful island hopping experiences are like learning to walk -- first you crawl, then you walk, and then you can run.

A smart yacht charter broker will never subject his/her guests to any open ocean crossings. The biggest mistake guests make is that they look at different islands and feel they can do many more than they can, because traveling time is never considered at the speed the normal power boat or catamaran takes to get to each island.

Private motor yachts travel between 10-15 miles per hour, very slow; catamarans and sailing yachts travel at 4-10 miles per hour, and they do not travel as the crow flies; they tack with the wind, so their distance is longer.

The ideal distance for a modern charter catamaran to travel in one week is between 70 and 150 miles, so that our guests enjoy the right amount of relaxation and traveling in their important charter period. Luxury power boats can do between 80 and 220 miles in one week. Yes, distance can be extended, but talk with your yacht charter broker.

Not sure where you want to go or you are not familiar with the best charter locations, then call Andrew at 800-478-2029 / (954) 720-0475 or email us with all your questions.
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