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Fully crewed Yacht Charters http://www.yachtsbhc.com 800-478-2029

Fully crewed yacht charters means there is at least a captain and a chef on board to cater to your every request.

The major reason for a crewed yacht charter is for the women of our families to enjoy the entire vacation period as well, away from planning meals, serving meals and putting dishes away after every meal.

The ladies also deserve to relax on their vacations. The men can spend their time bonding with their children and their wives.

The fully crewed couples know the location exceptionally well and can share with you the history of various islands, no matter where you are in the world.

How to do things and where to go is what these crews know best. Different anchorages for different reasons are why your broker shares his knowledge with you.

No matter how large your crew, there is always someone on hand to share the local and island knowledge/history with you.

Large luxury crewed motor yachts based in the French & Italian Rivieras share with guests where the best places are to enjoy meals, where the better casinos are and where the best beaches are.

Today, the luxury modern catamaran and the high-end luxury power yacht offer guests a real resort on the water moving from island to island.

To enjoy your "ULTIMATE VACATION", it needs to be fully crewed, and that is exactly what we specialize in.


Yes, the initial price saving is $2,000 or maybe $3,000, but what do you have to do to save that money? You have to feed the captain and everyone on board; all food costs, as well as any other expenses, are for you to pay.

This means there is no chef on board, so the guests need to do all provisioning, cooking, cleaning dishes and storing them away, which means their relaxing time is impacted by working hard again.

BAREBOAT yacht charters.

Bareboat yacht charter rentals are for the race car drivers of our industry, the men who know exactly how to sail a yacht. They know what to do and where to go, so only the yacht is rented.

The price would be less than a captain only yacht charter, but all food, bar, insurance and all other related costs are to be paid for by the guests. At the end of the day, the cost for a bareboat is normally only a $2,000 saving, and that $2,000 can be a nightmare.

There are many other companies which do this. Barrington-Hall specializes in fully crewed yacht charters and has done so for many years now.


Power or motor yachts are powered by their inboard motors. Their fuel expenses are normally a big issue to deal with, plus guests get to their destination faster, but not much faster, as most power boats travel at speeds of 10-15 knots maximum.

Catamarans and monohulls travel at 4-10 knots maximum, but sailing vessels tack to reach their goals, so the sailing is quiet and takes longer. Modern catamarans and sailing boats use the gentle wind as power, so very little fuel is consumed.


All charter boats in the Mediterranean and all vessels between 90-500 feet in the rest of the world are priced as follows. The owners give us a base rate.

Euro 50,000 to rent their yacht.

Added to this is the A.P.A. (Advanced Provisioning Amount) estimated at 35% of the base rate.

This APA takes care of "ALL" expenses, and 90% of all clients do enjoy change from the APA amount.

Tax (VAT) is also paid in various amounts, depending where in the world you are going to charter.

50,000 + 17,500 + 3,250 = Euro 70,750 for a Greek luxury power yacht.

Today, the luxury modern catamaran can cost between $25,000 and $50,000 to charter for 10 guests all-inclusive for a one week charter.

Your ULTIMATE vacation can cost between $2,100 to $3,300 per person per week "ALL-INCLUSIVE." And this most of us can afford.

Where to go, what to do - ask Andrew.


We are in the service business by providing our clients and potential clients with in-depth and personal knowledge of yacht charters and charter destinations.

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