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Private Yacht Charters http://www.yachtsbhc.com 800-478-2029

From your effort already put into "your" vacation, you might well have chosen to work with Barrington-Hall for your private yacht charter vacation.; that would be a very smart decision indeed!

We have access to vessels not listed as well, but we will get the right vessel and crew team for you.

We will offer you 3-4 private yachts to select from, but push the one we feel is right for you. Do not go outside the vessels we suggest. If you want others to select from. simply ask for more, but keep within the crew and vessels we suggest.

Once you have selected your vessel, a hold is placed on your selected yacht for 14 days. This hold automatically falls away after 14 days if no contract and deposit is received by Barrington-Hall private yacht charters. It is not we who drop this hold, but the office of the yacht you select.

The terms of the agreement are sent to you for signature, and the deposit is to be paid on your signature.

Here is what we do for our guests in that background. The terms and conditions with your signature is sent to the owner or his captain to sign, and we clearly state to them zero deposit is paid to them by Barrington-Hall until they have signed the contract.

So we hold back payment to their escrow account until we have a fully executed contract. Paying into their escrow account means the owner cannot touch that money until a few days prior to your private yacht charter.

Payment: If your contract is signed more than 6 months out, then a 25% deposit is needed. On the 6 month date, the other 25% is paid, then 45 days prior to boarding your final 50% is due.

Payment less than 6 months out means 50% deposit, with the final 50% due 45 days prior to boarding.

When guests sign the contract 45 days or less, 100% of the funds are due.

Generally, the two forms of payment are a check or wire details. Some owners accept credit cards, and some have the guest pay for the transaction costs.

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