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How to Choose the Right Yacht Charter Broker. http://www.yachtsbhc.com

What is my first decision when planning a private yacht charter?

Your first decision when considering a private yacht charter is making sure you have the right professional yacht charter broker. All guests are very smart and successful, but we all need guidance in areas where we have little or no experience and having the background we do trumps
every other competitor out there.

This answer to question # 1 is tooting our own horn, but guests need to know who they are working with, and this is who we are 23 years later.

1) Select the Right Broker. I have been a captain on my own Caribbean catamaran charter yacht for 5 years (1990-95). Knowing the location you are about to enjoy is
paramount to impacting your "ENTIRE" charter yacht vacation far better than without that knowledge.

2) I make myself available to all my clients by being available 24-7 -365. I am the only person my guests will get at 2 am, 3 am and 4 am when emergencies occur. Almost all other companies close their doors

Saturday, Sundays and public holidays, Call 954-720-0475 on any of these days, and our office for the past 18 years has answered immediately.

3) Telephone: A rule at our company is to answer the telephone; not one message may be left on the voice machine. What the telephone guests will hear is a person talking with them on the other side.

Your call really is important to us; we do not just say it.

4) Ideas: We provide fresh ideas, such as "which is the best week of each month and which is the best one week of the entire year", and explain why? If guests want "The Ultimate" yacht charter rental, then these are fine points to consider.

5) Our company is one of very few yacht charter brokers who travel to Genoa, Monaco, Greece, Antigua, Tortola and the USVI "every" year to inspect the charter yachts during their annual boat shows.

The idea is to meet the crew and inspect the yachts we board. Knowing our product, the yacht and her crew provide you with knowledge to make superior decisions. Knowing all the locations where you are about to go
is vital to making your experience that much better.

6) When we first started in the industry, we started taking pictures of all the internal cabins, salons and kitchens, as well as the crew on board all the yachts we board; so all the pictures you see on our company website were taken by me personally.

Today, 23 years later, no other company takes their own pictures of all the various yachts around the world. With BHC, what you see is what you get.

7) Our happy staff of 5 has a wonderful record; the last person hired to work here has been with us for 9 years, the rest for much longer.

8) Our service to all our guests is free. We are paid by the yacht owner, so we are not biased, and this helps us to select the best vessel and crew team for you.

9) Your funds are kept in escrow, so if there is an issue (very rare) from their side, we are in a position to refund your monies.

10) The Florida Yacht Brokers association (F.Y.B.A.) is the largest association in the entire state of Florida, and we have been members for many years, as well as BBB, the Better Business Bureau.

11) Our company is not here to save guests $1,000 or $500, so reading all those little special savings many owners offer guests to pay for their particular charter yacht can be a nightmare for the guests.

Our major role is to make sure our guests enjoy the very best value for their dollar; arriving home irritated, angry or sad is not what we do.

How difficult is it to irritate guests who arrive on vacation smiling with great expectations? Well, some crews manage to do this far too often.

The better captains simply do not need to drop their rates. They do their jobs correctly and are always well booked. We know how to save our guests money, so simply ask,
and that would be done if it were possible.

If there is a $1,000 saving, I will know if it is a good saving or just an owner trying to entice business for his weak team.

12) If the captain/owner does not provide what guests contracted for, it is Barrington-Hall who stands up to fight to get this rectified.

Keep in mind that all the owners in the charter industry want our future business. What better position to be in?

Without a professional broker to represent you when there is a problem, guess who loses. Let us assist you and you will have a great private yacht charter vacation.

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